the penstocks

Penstock in thermoplastic composite manufactured continuously

Benefits of INPULSE PIPE technology

La technologie Inpule Pipe : 25 à 50% de réduction des coûts sur la pose.

25% to 50%

savings cost

on installation
La technologie Inpule Pipe : -50% de perte d'exploitation

Less 50%

of operating losses

Inpulse Pipe, un service 100% clés en main

100 %

turnkey all trades

La technologie Inpule Pipe : 90% de réduction des coûts sur sur la maintenance

90 %

Maintenance operation
cost reduced of 90%

Sustainable development

Technologie Inpulse Pipe : jusqu'à 90% de réduction de l'empreinte carbone

Carbone footprint

reduced up to


Les conduites forcées Inpulses Pipe sont 100% recyclables.

100 %



INPULSE PIPE is now positioned in a pressure pipe manufacturing segment:

  • From 160 mm to 1500 mm diameter
  • Up to 50 bars of pressure

Target markets:
Today hydroelectricity and its penstocks, the transport of bentonite in tunnel boring machines. Tomorrow domestic water, wastewater, irrigation, gas, nuclear and later hydrogen.

INPULSE PIPE innovation therefore means putting an end to leaks, putting an end to costly and time-consuming pipe laying, putting an end to corrosion and maintenance.

Logistics divided by 15, installation times divided by two, a carbon footprint divided by 10, total recyclability...

A real breakthrough innovation!!!


Water treatment
Onshore Gaz
Oil & Gaz
Mining and Dredgin

Labellisation HI FRANCE

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